The Sessions

Resources from Academy 2016 sessions are available here.

There will be about 32 core sessions offered at the Academy designed to allow participants to explore a topic in some depth.  Each participant will be able to choose 2 each day.  The topics are being proposed by the Europe Region Working Groups to align with the priorities of the current triennium.  They will be broadly grouped into 5 themes:


  • Learning and innovation
  • Social Impact
  • Thriving Organisations
  • Leadership and Management of Adults
  • Communications


You can choose to select your personal learning path from one or more themes and will have the chance to sign up for at least some sessions in advance.


In addition there will be a number of shorter sessions (30 minutes) we are calling “Points of Light” offered each day which will again link to the themes of the triennium but will be designed to be active, engaging and give you first-hand experience of activities you could take back home.  We hope you will use these to explore things you might not otherwise have chosen to find out about.


There will be much more detail available in August.